Himalaya Legend Trek (P) ltd. started with just a handful of experienced team members but is now a strong workforce. The team at Himalaya Legend Trek (P) ltd is a well-rounded, efficient, and well-trained team. The team is led by Mr. Sangam Sherpa.

1.    Sangam Sherpa – 38 years ( Trekking Specialist)
The leader of Himalayan Legend Trek (P) ltd.. Sangam was born in a remote village of eastern Nepal on 2600m. He started working when he could carry 5 liters of water on bamboo. He has vivid memories of an extremely primitive way of living in high mountains. Going to jungle early in the morning to collect the green leaves (grasses) for goats then arriving late to school, and then having little to no time for homework because of his work routine, that sometimes took up entire school days. But since he can remember he has aspired to be a tourist guide. Directly after his school, at the age 16, he escaped from his village to Kathmandu. Since 1994 he has worked in the fields then upgraded his post to porter. Now finally he is a renowned excellent English speaking trekking guide and leader. During his 22 years of experience he has had chances to visit and trek in many different parts of Nepal, Europe and U.S.A. He is Elected Executive Member of TAAN (Trekking Agent Association of Nepal) 2015-2017.

Sangam considers himself Buddhist, with proper English, and to be very good at keeping a log of popular vegetation and animals in many environments. He is also larger promoter of organic agro tourism in Nepal. His primary interest is to provide the highest quality services to customers at a reasonable cost while preserving nature and all those who contribute to society in respect to health, education and organic agriculture. After developing his working skills and with advices of his friends, relatives and colleagues he founded Himalayan Legend Trek (P) ltd.

2. Bandi Sherpa – 35 years. Trekking/Climbing
She is the first female component of our Team. She was born at the lap of Mt. Everest. She grew up with air cooled by the highest peaks of the world doing all sorts of activities in remote areas, going to the very steep mountains to collect the fire wood, for cooking and keeping her family warm, and grasses for the cattle’s. She also manages her school, but when she retired from the school she followed her brother’s footsteps of climbing the highest peak. She’s been working since 2002. She is upholding her fathers and villages profession. During her childhood time she strengthened her climbing skills and ability to carry the loads on the high steep mountains while working. She has finished most of the national mountain climbing trainings, and has also won female climbing competitions. Successfully she has climbed a few peaks of 6 thousands ( Mera Peak 6184m, Island peak) and she has experienced many other treks. Currently she is doing her French language study to deepen and enhance her profession.

3. Pasang Sherpa – 40 years Mountaineering, Trekking & Climbing
Pasang hails from a small mountain village in the Kanchenjunga region. He began training as a mountaineer at the tender age of six with the daily hike to school. During childhood he moved to a district called Sankhuwasabha, exchanging the shadow of Kanchenjunga for that of Mt. Makalu. Pasang has been leading trekking and mountaineering trips in Nepal since 1996. The ‘high point’ (forgive the pun) of his career came in 2005 when he successfully summited Everest twice. He repeated the feat in 2008 and in 2009 added Makalu to the growing number of peaks under his belt. When Pasang is not leading trips high in the Himalaya, he can be found teaching at the local climbing wall, passing on his skills and experience to others. Pasang has also climbed extensively in the Austrian Alps.

4. P.K. Sherpa – 39 years ( Trekking, Climbing + Shooter)
A boy grows far from eastern remote village to get the light has to be reflected from Mt Kanchanjungha, always trying to do something different than everyone else. He was the first child in his village to attend school and make it all the way through. But when he came to Kathmandu he had to face many struggles to get a chance to work and survive in such a mighty city. He began to work in this field in 1997, after gaining a lot of experience in trekking and climbing peaks around Nepal. Here he is again doing something different than average Sherpa does in the high mountains. He is the only man doing high altitude shootings. He just came back from the Everest cleaning above 8000m expedition in 2010. He has climbed Mt. Everest several times and many other peaks.

5. Chemi Sherpa – 39 years ( Mountaineering, Trekking, Climbing)
Chemi is one of the shining stars in the Nepali climber’s glorious sky. He loves to climb and enjoy serving to the tourist. He took his first step in this hard working field in 1998. He has already climbed several peaks and high passes of the Himalaya and he went to over 10 forms of Mt. Everest expeditions and successfully climbed  it seven times. Every time he feels more and more confident with what he is doing. He says, “We are quite lucky that we can get so much advanced equipment and techniques to work on such challenging mountains.” Korean language is his extra shine on his career.

6. Karma Gyalgen Sherpa – 33 years (  Mountaineering, Trekking and Climbing)
He is the youngest strongest man of the team. He is very confident and happy to work with this team. We all respect to his sense of humor.  He is one of the coolest boys in entire members and also in his family. When he finished his school he found reason not to trek with his relatives to Everest.  He found the way to this profession in 2003. He always enjoys his work, even the death zone of Mt. Everest. He says, while they were passing through the death zone it was around 11 o’clock and he fell asleep standing! He woke up by the moving rope and he found he was on the way to the summit of Everest in the traffic of hundreds of climbers with oxygen masks at their mouths and head lamps at their foreheads. He has stepped on the top of the world twice and the last time on the Everest cleaning expedition above 8000m, he came down without summiting because he was taking care of his colleague. He has a passion for climbing on all the possible peaks around the globe.

7. R.B. Adhikari 39 years (Trekking Guide)
R.B. is from the  middle east region of Nepal, an ancient getaway to Everest Base Camp. He grew up in the shade of Mt. Gaurisankher. He started to work on his parents farm as soon as he could walk, fitting in school around daily buffalo-herding duties. Then, following a mixed career as a farmer, from his school time he had very keen interest to become a politician. But he had many questions on becoming a politician. So he tried in different sectors to find a way. R.B.’s lucky break came when a family friend suggested he try out for a trekking guide. He hasn’t looked back since. He is very keen now on being a successful trekking guide, he has very good quality of problem solving skills, and very hard working habit though he still remains interested in politics. His outstanding shine in this field is he speaks English, French and Spanish.

9.Kishor Manandhar – Trekking Guide
One of the leading trekking agencies in Nepal, Himalayan Legend Trek (P) ltd consists, above all, of experienced teams of guides, sherpas and porters who will lead you to the heart of the Himalayas : a sunrise on the Macchapuchare, the warmth of a sherpani kitchen, a festival in Dolpo/Mustang, the dark side of Everest or a forgotten hermitage overlooking the Zanskar River.

Our guides are spending most of their time in the field. They are the architects of the success of your Himalayan adventure. They will share with you their passion for the culture, the mountains and the people of Nepal , Bhutan , Ladakh , Tibet, and more.