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There are hundreds of travel companies are working with Bhutan travel packages. This country is one of the best countries to travel in south Asia. There are few facts to visit this country; No. 1; Buddhist Culture, majestic monasteries. No.  2; Architect & Thankas No. 3; 0% carbon producing Country of the world. No. 4; Going organic country so organic foods. No. 5; Best quality hospitality.

Therefor if you are thinking about traveling to Bhutan then our company would be best option for your lifetimes holiday to Bhutan with us. Our company always organizing organic holidays to Himalaya. It could be another real good combination for your holiday that interesting cultural tours and exciting trekking to Bhutan on organic basis. However you have to pay good price then why you just compromise for getting quality services with us, obviously our local agents is real honest and reliable among the entire Bhutanese travel industries.

Bhutan Tours Some of the Packages for Bhutan Tours:

Four days tour
Duration:Four days and three nights
This is a tour that covers all the major sites of interest in Paro and Thimphu and making connections to India or Nepal extentions.

Seven days tour
Duration: Seven days and six nights
This tour begins in the valley of Paro and moves on to Thimphu, the nation’s capital, Punakha, the former capital, and then on to neighbouring Wangduephodrang. Each of these towns boast splendid structures that were once fortresses or watchtowers.
Eleven days tour
Duration : Eleven days and ten nights
The duration of tour varies due to group size. A methodical tour covering the lateral high way. Crossing high passes and at leisure visits to religious sites, villages, people. A complete tour to enjoy the beauty of Bhutan and best in spring or autumn.

Fourteen days tour
Duration: Fourteen days and thirteen nights
Among the most extensive and exhaustive of our cultural tours, this package offers a view of the entire temperate central stretch of the country. You will tour all the major settlements along this belt. These include Paro, Thimphu, Gangtey, Trongsa, Bumthang, Mongar and Trashigang.

A trip to Bhutan normally begins and ends at Paro and there can be few more charming valleys in the kingdom. As you disembark your Druk Air ‘Whisper Jet’ and take your first breath of Bhutanese air, you will be struck by the silence and peace of Paro’s valley. Willow trees line the main road from the airport, and the Paro River provides a richly watered landscape ideal for rice cultivation. A destination all of its own, Paro is home to the national museum and watchtower to one of the oldest and most celebrated dzongs in all Bhutan.

Bhutan Tours The town of Paro is small with most of inhabitants living in the beautiful valley that surrounds the town. The valley floor is at its widest in the area nearest to the airport, the town and Paro Dzong. Apart from commanding a slightly elevated strategic point overlooking the longest stretch of the Paro Valley, Paro Dzong is symbolic as the religious and secular center of all affairs of the valley. It is also an architectural wonder, setting the tone for official dzongs throughout the kingdom and inviting the visitor to wonder at the cultural strength of the kingdom’s heritage. The dzong itself was conceived in the 15th century and finally consecrated in 1646. Above the dzong is the old watchtower which is now home to Bhutan`s national museum. The museum’s collection includes ancient Bhutanese arts and artifacts, weapons and stamps, birds and animals, and an incredible collection of silver tea ware. This is typical of the eclectic beauty of Bhutan – its prized objects bear little relation to each other but as a whole stand together as a history of one of the world’s most pristine people.

It is said that Guru Rinpoche (Precious Master), the father of the Bhutanese strain of Mahayana Buddhism, arrived in Paro Valley more than a millennium ago on the back of a legendary tigress. He meditated for three months in a cave where a monastery was later built and called Taktshang Lhakang or Tiger’s Nest. Visitors to Paro can take a closer look at the monastery by ascending either on foot or by pony for about three hours to Tiger’s Nest. Hikkers can enjoy a well-earned rest at the Taktshang Teahouse situated at a wonderful vantage point of the monastery. On special days in Paro you can get a clear view of Mt. Jhomolhari (7314m-23,996 ft.)
Bhutan Trekking:

  1. Druk path trek
    Druk Path Trek, starts at Paro and ends at Thimphu, 6 trek days with an extra 4 days and reaches a maximum altitude of 4210 m, rated moderate.
  2. Jumolhari trek
    Jumolhari Trek, starts at Paro and ends at Thimphu, 10 trek days with an extra 4 days and reaches a maximum altitude of 4890 m, rated moderate.
  3. Laya and Gasa trek
    Bhutan TravelLaya / Gasa Trek, starts at Paro and ends at Punakha, 15 trek days with an extra 4 days and reaches a maximum altitude of 5005 m, rated strenuous.
  4. Dagala lakes trek
    Summery: Dagala Lakea Trek, starts at Thimphu and ends at Thimphu itself, 6 trek days with an extra 4 days and reaches a maximum altitude of 4500 m, rated moderate.
  5. Samtengang winter trek
    Summery: Samtengang Winter Trek, starts at Punakha and ends at Wangdue, 4 trek days with an extra 6 days and reaches a maximum altitude of 1500 m, rated mild.
  6. Gangtay Trek
    Summery: Gangtey Trek, starts at Gangtey and ends at Wangdue, 3 trek days with an extra 6 days and reaches a maximum altitude of 3400 m, rated mild.

Extra days: The minimum number of days needed for sightseeing, acclimating and to drive to the starting place of the trek and pick up at the end of the trek

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