1. Experience

With an experience of over 22 years in organizing trips in the Himalayan region, we have the ability to provide you with top notch services. Since we also possess travel experiences extending beyond the borders of Nepal, our scope of expertise isn’t just limited to our country.

  1. Professional Team & service

The HTL crew members are responsible and professional and our optimism dictates us. We will go above and beyond to make your experience the most enjoyable one.

  1. Our commitment to promote education and reforestation programs

We are highly committed to supporting social development in the regions of Nepal, particularly the remote mountain communities that we belong to. 10% of the profit we make through the package program will be used to uplift the education of rural areas & reforestation programs with the help of different social organizations. Recently we are building a school at Taplejung.

  1. Farm house stay option

We are operating a recreational center called “Organic Farm house” in Kathmandu. If you are interested in understanding and experiencing the Nepali spirit, culture and way of life first hand, feel free to join us!

  1. Safety comes first

Your safety is our priority! Unless necessary, we do not force our clients to evacuate. We have never had emergency cases in the past but at the same we are well equipped to handle such cases. We take safety seriously and take all the necessary precautions including PCR testing and keeping social distancing guidelines into consideration so you can have an enjoyable and safe journey and stay.

  1. Well – equipped group

Our organized tour dates have a maximum of 16 people and minimum of 2

  1. Guaranteed Departure Dates

We guarantee our departure dates, so you can be confident in your booking.

  1. Choose your own adventure

Don’t fancy yourself a tour person? Want to take a different route? We can cater to both; small and large groups and customize your tour dates and plans. We could provide you with a ready made itinerary list if need be.

  1. No Hidden Costs

Our tours are all inclusive and have no hidden local payments that would inconvenience your budget.

  1. 55% of clients come back to us!

We are proud to let you know that 55% of our old clients come back each year seeking our service.

  1. Over 50 best holiday packages with customized trips

According to our surveys, the variations in trip packages that we offer tend to fascinate our clients and make their trip a rather memorable one.