President Message:


Nepal’s incomparable beauty attracts hundreds of thousands of international tourists annually. The exuberance of the Nepali culture along with the unbeatable landscape provides an experience like no other! There are countless pristine destinations yet to be explored here. During my decades of experiences, I have found many travelers who are interested in going beyond the limits that have been set by the previous travelers. Himalayan Legend Trek’s uniqueness in the services that it provides as a travel company sets it apart from its fellow competitors within the industry.

Our trekking packages come with a variety of activities in hopes to find something for every individual to enjoy. These packages include; Trekking, The Pilgrimage Tour, Educational and Research Tours, Rafting, Biking, Peak Expedition, and other exclusive luxury tours, all of which are led by professionals with over 24 years of experience.

It may seem simple, but in actuality timing plays an integral role in making or breaking your trekking plans. Under our guidance, however, you will learn about the safest routes and the best, most rewarding times to trek. The treks that we organise includes opportunities for you to amalgamate with nature, whilst learning the religious and cultural traditions of our country.

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Travelling seasons the mind and the body. It broadens the mind and keeps the body fit. Nepal’s fresh air, breathtaking views, the vibrant colours of the wild flowers, the soothing sound of the birds chirping and the hospitable nature of its people create an ideal environment to grow on a personal level. The height of its Himalayas may inspire you to new levels of greatness! The simple lifestyle of its people is not easily replicable and may leave you with a sense of responsibility to help these communities. Organic Agro Tourism is a unique concept that directly benefits the local people. This is a catalyst for more accessible and affordable organic products. Promotion of such a cultural exchange has the power to inspire young generations towards a healthier lifestyle. We are working to encourage travelers to eat locally and use our resources to help reduce carbon footprints in order to control pollution.