President Message:


We are happy to announce our shift in focus to promote domestic tourism. Nepal is overflowing with incomparable beauty. Hundreds of thousands of international tourist visit every year to experience the joys of Nepali culture, nature and much more. Unfortunately many of these experiences have not been explored by our locals. During my years of research I have found many travellers who are interested in going trekking and see the wonders of our country for themselves. Meanwhile some Nepali people have found a desire to leave in order to have worthwhile cultural experiences. This can be attributed to a few reasons like; the lack of travel or trekking experience, not knowing the appropriate time to travel, or not knowing what to pack.

Our trekking packages come with a variety of activity in hopes to find something for every individual to enjoy. These packages include; the pilgrimage tour, educational and research tours, rafting, biking, climbing, and other exclusive luxury tours. All of which are led by professionals with over 22 years of experience.

The issue of when may seem like a simple choice, but in reality the timing of a trek can make or break the entire trip. Our guidance includes a collection of resources that pin point the safest and best time to enjoy a trek filled with opportunities to understand the diversities in nature, and learn the history in religious and cultural traditions.

How can you help?
Travelling is beneficial both physically and mentally, broadening all aspects of the mind.  Nepal’s cool fresh air, sweet smell of wild flowers, breath taking views and innocent birds chirping create an ideal environment to grow on a personal level. The height of the Himalayan Mountains may inspire you to new levels of greatness. The Nepalese simple life style is not easily replicated and may leave you with a sense of responsibility to contribute. Organic Argo Tourism is a unique concept that directly benefits the local people. This is the catalyst for more accessible and affordable organic products. Promotion of this cultural exchange can inspire younger Nepali generations toward education and a healthier lifestyle.

Pollution has become increasingly harmful to Nepali environment. We are working to encourage travellers to eat locally and use our resources to help stop this pollution.